The Bridge Between Traditional & Digital

We are the bridge between the traditional and new, digital art markets backed by NFTs for established artists and traditional collectors
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The Case For A Platform Specifically Built Directly For The Traditional Artist And Collector

Aesthetic. Quality. Familiar. Intuitive.

“Art First” Marketplace

All of the current marketplaces in the new digital art space are mainly technology companies exploiting and leveraging art. We are an “art- first” company exploiting and leveraging technology. Our NFTs are presented within a familiar and intuitive interface for traditional collectors.
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Tangible Value
Beyond Speculation

Our NFTs unlock value far beyond just resale value. Ownership unlocks a myriad of benefits, priceless experiences, community participation, exclusive products and events that are highly relevant to art collectors and enthusiasts.


We help and educate traditional collectors on how to discover and collect NFTs based on artwork that they are comfortable and familiar with.


We help established artists by seamlessly and meaningfully transforming their traditional, physical artworks into digital artworks backed by NFTs in order to participate in the new digital art marketplace, as well as help and promote and sell their original works.

A curated, interactive ecosystem for discovery and collecting artworks from established artists

NFT Backed Digital
Artwork Marketplace
Virtual Exhibitions of
Physical Artworks
Artists and Collector
Premium Incentive and Membership Program

All of our NFT’s are based on physical, original artworks. Digitizing original works alone is not enough. We focus on maintaining the integrity of the artwork and bringing to life the sentiment of the artist in a meaningful way.



Price Discovery
Added Value

The Power Of
Our NFTs


We curate virtual exhibitions of available physical artworks based on select themes for our artist community.
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Artmuse Token

The Artmuse Token is the currency that powers our community and membership incentives. Artmuse Tokens are earned through participation including buying NFT backed artworks.

Power Of

We are building a unique and unprecedented community for artists to connect with each other, collectors and art enthusiasts. Our community members enjoy a myriad of benefits including priceless experiences, exclusive access to events, products, services and opportunities.

The Game
—  Artmuse Collector

Artmuse Collector is also an interactive art discovery and collecting game. The object of the game is for collectors to discover artists and artworks and build a collection of both physical and NFT backed digital artwork to showcase in a personalized virtual gallery. The unique aspect of the game is that collectors can actual earn instead of buy both physical and NFT backed digital artwork through participation within the game and the real world.


We have created the first interactive print and digital magazine showcasing NFT backed physical and digital artworks traditional from established artists.
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Road Map

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First series of NFTs
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